Commonly Asked Questions

The two most common questions we get asked when people come to the
law firm and meet me for the first time, is first, do I have a case? And
second, how am I going to pay you to handle my case?

The first question is a rather complex question because it depends on
how were you hurt. Who is responsible? Who’s doing the investigation? Is
it AMSHA? OSHA? The police? Who’s looking into this and whom are we
going to have to talk to see if you have a case?

Here at the Segal Law Firm we handle cases on what’s called a
“contingency fee basis.” It’s important that you get your contingency fee
agreement in writing. Generally speaking, somewhere between 30 and 40
percent of whatever is recovered will pay the attorney’s fees. The range
depends upon the complexity of your case, as well as the risk involved in
the case and the type of experts that are going to be involved.

Other questions to ask when evaluating a case include: Do they need a
firm like the Segal Law Firm? Do they understand the contingency fee
contract? We don’t get paid unless we make money for our client – that’s why it’s called contingent. We have to win the case whether it’s by
settlement or jury verdict before the client winds up owing us a fee.

You want the right kind of lawyer to handle your case. I’ve spent the vast
majority – 99.99 percent of my career – litigating cases in court for people
who have been hurt in all different types of ways. Likewise, there are
lawyers who practice what’s called general law – deeds, wills, divorce,
property matters, small contracts. There are other lawyers who do a lot of
domestic relations, divorces, child custody, and the like. There are
lawyers who do a lot of banking work, loans and home mortgages. And
there are lawyers who do securities work – stocks and bonds.

Simply put, there are a lot of different kinds of lawyers and it’s very important for
people when they meet a lawyer to ask them about their experience in
the type of case that they’ve come to talk to the lawyer about.

If you call me and say, I want to buy a piece of real estate. I would say,
“That’s great but you need to go and talk to someone else because I can’t
help you.” On the other hand, if someone in your family were to be hurt,
you could call me right away. We could talk, set up a meeting and I could
begin explaining to you how, in an injury case, what are the steps that
have to be taken to protect you and your family members.

That’s what I’ve done for over 30 years now. I also know lawyers in other areas and I’m happy to send you to them if I’m not able to help you.

If you have questions contact the Segal Law firm at (855) 344-9100.