Two years sounds like a lot of time, right? Well, it’s not when we’re talking about filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you have been seriously hurt or killed in an accident, generally speaking, you or your family have two years from the time of the accident to take action. Does that mean you should sit around and wait those two years before you call an attorney like The Segal Law Firm? Absolutely not. It will take most of that time to develop your case and make sure evidence isn’t destroyed. Call us right away so that we make sure you are on the right track to the money you deserve.

This two year statute of limitation applies to any type of accident or diagnosis; motor vehicle, tractor trailer, workplace, coal mine or mesothelioma. But let me specify that this time frame only applies to adults. If you have a child who has been injured or diagnosed with a disease, the rules are a little bit different. One set of rules will apply to you and another will apply to your child. For instance, you may have five to ten years to file a case for your child, but all the medical bills you paid for? You’ve only got two years to get those back.

The laws may also be different if you’re calling us from another state. I’ve done cases all over the country and I’m happy to do that, but the time limits vary from state-to-state. You can’t assume that you have two years if you’ve been hurt outside of West Virginia. You’ve got to call us right away so that we can explain to you what kind of limitations we are dealing with and how the law will work in your favor.

Now, I said before that two years isn’t a lot of time. Why is that? After you’ve decided that The Segal Law Firm is the right fit for you and your family, we’ve got to get to work preparing your case to best represent you. That means we’ve got to protect the evidence and make sure we get all of the investigative material. What’s in the black box recorder from the wreck? What do the driver’s log books look like? We have to write letters to the insurance, trucking and coal companies to make sure evidence isn’t destroyed.

We talked several sessions ago about a case I had where the coal company sealed a mine before we got to look at it. The judge went crazy because we couldn’t get back inside. Fortunately, the client had called us soon enough for us file a lawsuit against the coal company and put them on notice that they had no right to seal that mine up. It turned out much better than it could have, but think if that family had waited a year and half to call us. That mine would have been legally sealed and their evidence sealed up with it.

You’ve got to call us sooner than later to make sure we can protect the evidence for your case. The sooner you call me, the sooner we can get your statute of limitation date on all of our calendars here at The Segal Law Firm. That way, you’re not worried about time running out- I am. You, on the other hand, can be focused on getting better or helping your family deal with the unfortunate tragedy of an unexpected death. Call The Segal Law Firm at 855-344-9100 and let us worry about your case while you focus on healing you and your family.