Does West Virginia Require Mediation when Going to Court?

Shaking handsWhen dealing with a legal issue in the state of West Virginia, a very common question  one might have is whether or not mediation will be required if they go to court.

Generally, most judges in West Virginia will either suggest or even order mediation for those cases filed within the state.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which you and your lawyer are seated in one room, the insurance company or corporation which you are suing is seated in another room along with their own lawyers, and a mediator goes back and forth between both of these rooms in an effort to reach a dollar amount for settlement of your case.

This mediator cannot force either side to reach that dollar amount, but they can offer encouragement concerning the strong or weak points of your case and what a jury might view as positive or negative should your case proceed to trial. A skillful mediator can help both you and the entity you are suing find a way to reach a compromise settlement.

Segal Law Firm is involved with cases in mediation every single week, and  we encourage our clients to become part of the process, but not to feel threatened by it.  If our clients prefer their case to go to trial, we of course, are happy to help in that process as well, but we want to give you the opportunity to reach settlement through mediation beforehand.

Mediation usually takes place months, if not weeks, before a trial is scheduled to begin and offers a great opportunity for early resolution of your case.

If you would like more information about mediation, you can contact us here or call 855-344-9100.