When considering whether or not an injury is catastrophic, we’ve got to ask ‘how much will the victim’s life be altered and for how long?’


The most catastrophic injury is obviously one that kills you. Your family losses your source of income, and there is a major loss of emotional support and guidance. But lesser injuries can also be devastating and catastrophic to your future.


Severe Burns

If you’ve suffered an accident that led to severe burns, that’s going to affect you for the rest of your life. It will most likely inhibit your ability to earn wages, and you’re going to need ongoing medical care. You’ll need a number of expensive adaptive devices just to live your life normally. This is all a part of your forecasted ‘life care plan.’


Paralysis and Amputation

If you’re paralyzed anywhere on your body, you’re going to need a life care plan that protects you for all the mechanical devices you’ll need. Wheelchairs don’t last forever. The same thing applies with amputations. If a hunter loses his leg, he’s going to need more than one type of fake leg. On top of that, those legs will need to be replaced several times throughout his life.


I even have one client who has a heavy piece of farm equipment that has been adapted so that he is able to continue his farm work, despite being paralyzed. We were able to get him the money to do that because we know what to look for and we have the right experts to predict an accurate life care plan.


Catastrophic injuries change your life. It’s our job at the Segal Law Firm to get you the money you need so that you can live as normal a life as possible. Call us toll free with any questions at 855-344-9100.