In our last blog, we talked a little bit about nursing home abuse and neglect cases that The Segal Law Firm takes on. Today, we’d like to go more in depth about what nursing home abuse is, and the signs to recognize it.

Nursing home abuse is generally defined as the willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain or mental anguish.  Nursing home abuse may involve a variety of things such as assault and battery, sexual assault, the use of unnecessary restraints, the deprivation of food, drink, medicine or other basic necessities, and even mental or verbal abuse.  At The Segal Law Firm, we have the resources and the knowledge to help you and your loved one if they have suffered abuse in a nursing home.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?

You may be able to tell, or at least suspect, if a loved one is being abused in a nursing home by certain signs.  These signs may include:

  • The presence of bruises, cuts, wounds or welts
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Unreasonable use of physical restraints
  • Your loved one may be confined to their room
  • The elderly resident may be given too much medication or psychotropic medication that was not authorized by a physician
  • Reports of pushing, shaking or other mistreatment
  • Signs such as agitation or generally being upset
  • The elderly resident may be withdrawn or quiet

You may notice unusual behavior such as constant sleeping, biting fingernails or sucking their thumbs.  The person who is being abused may also either act out toward others with anger or insults, or withdraw and want to be isolated from others.

Have you seen these signs in your loved one, or suspected that nursing home abuse may be going on? If so, please contact The Segal Law Firm to set up a consultation.