Here in West Virginia, the average cost to hire a competent and experienced injury lawyer ranges between 25 and 40%, and that will depend on the actual costs and complexity associated with your case. The Segal Law Firm sometimes has cases where there isn’t a lot of insurance available as a result of an automobile accident. A common assumption is that most people think the at-fault driver’s insurance is their only recourse.

Our job is to find what insurance is available and then collect it. Many people aren’t aware that their own car insurance sometimes has extra coverages in the event of a wrongful death motor vehicle accident. We check for double-indemnity policies at your workplace, insurance on your mortgage and on your car itself or the car loan. If insurance is limited and costs associated with your case are small, we may sometimes lower our cost to you to 25%. Typical injury cases range between a third and 35%, with complex cases running around 40%. A complex case is one that will require a lot of experts.

Mesothelioma Cases

If you have a Mesothelioma case, which is a disease of the lining of the lung or gut from asbestos exposure, we consult with pathologists who are doctors that can confirm that it is, in fact, Mesothelioma. The Segal Law Firm consults with industrial hygienists who can explain to a judge and jury the different types of asbestos fibers involved, how they behave in the workplace and how a worker is exposed to that asbestos. Sometimes the worker is exposed to asbestos just from being in close proximity to a co-worker. We also use one of the most renowned federal researchers, when handling cases of Mesothelioma. Other factors include the complexity of how the products were made, where, how and why they were used, and what is known scientifically about the dangers over the decades and even centuries. All of these factors can create a very complex case where money will be well-spent in hiring world-renowned experts to prove your case.

Tractor-Trailer Injuries & Deaths 

Tractor-trailer accidents are also complex cases which can get into big money. By federal law, they must have a million dollars of insurance and must also comply with very complicated federal regulations. These cases need to have trucking experts involved as well as people who are familiar with those rules and regulations that govern the industry. We need to determine how long the driver was allowed to drive before sleeping, how often he took a break, whether he used drugs to stay awake, and whether he used alcohol. The Segal Law Firm uses experts who can interpret the information in the little black box as well as determine what the trucker was doing at the time of the accident, what his log books show he was doing and what his fuel tickets show he was doing. This information is analyzed by those experts to make a determination as to why the accident took place.

Other Complex Cases 

Other types of complex cases would include helicopter crashes, airplane crashes, industrial explosions, workplace equipment failures, coal mining and surface mining accidents, and some drug cases. In the case of drugs, we at the Segal Law Firm have used world-renowned experts to determine not only if a drug is harmful, but why the drug was ever FDA-approved, which sometimes means bad information was hidden from the FDA. In these types of complex cases, our contingency fee will range from 35 to 40%.

Regardless of whether your case is complex or simple, Segal Law Firm knows what questions to ask. If you would like to learn more, click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page or call 855-344-9100.