If you or your family are seeking advice regarding an electrical accident or death, the Segal Law Firm doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter averages. We don’t feel it is fair to a client to hand over a number which might not actually have anything to do with your case at all. Some of our clients have settled in the area of $100,000 to $300,000 and others have settled for multi-millions of dollars. We prefer to examine each case individually and determine what sort of injury you received, or if death was the result of an electrical accident.
By nature, electrical accidents can cause everything from simple burns to limbs being completely burned off, gruesome scarring, blindness, loss of motor function and death. If a client needs debridement, this is a difficult procedure and they must then go down a very long road to recovery. A case we handled a few years ago was the result of someone literally having their arm blown off from electricity and it also required amputation of their leg. More often than not, the Segal Law Firm has had great success in finding large amounts of insurance or even big companies who are responsible for these injuries and deaths.

What we prefer to discuss with our clients, instead of handing out averages, is to find out exactly what they went through. A client may be seeing psychologists and burn specialists as well as people who actually make the prosthetic limbs. We need to determine what actual costs will be and whether a client can return to work or if their career has been ended due to their injury. They may need a wheelchair, and in the case of prosthetics, many clients believe they will only need one, when in fact, they will need many prosthetics over the course of their lifetime. If a client enjoys a certain type of recreation such as fishing or swimming, there is no one size fits all and each prosthetic device is tailored to your needs. The world of prosthetics has made tremendous advances and we see these advances when our men and women, our heroes, return from Iraq and Afghanistan in need of their prosthetic assistance.

Another area of discussion concerns a client’s lost wages and whether a return to work is feasible. We need to know what they were making and if they were a lineman, an industrial worker or even a laborer. The Segal Law Firm represented two laborers several years ago, one of which was injured and the other who was killed as a result of an electrical accident. Once we have discussed all of these details, we can then take a close look at what a client’s case might actually settle for. Of course, simple burn cases will settle for a smaller amount and even though they may hurt quite a bit, a client stands to recover to the point of returning to work, so these cases range between $300,000 and $500,000. In the case of more serious injuries or death, experts in the field of electricity must be consulted such as electrical engineers and electrical safety people. Sometimes an injury or death may be a result of wiring done incorrectly or in the way a lock out and tag was conducted. Unfortunately, sometimes lines are energized when there is a worker on the other end, resulting in a severe burn or death and these cases may settle for millions of dollars.

Our years of experience in dealing with electrical injuries has taught us that regardless of why these accidents occur, they can be life-altering injuries. We know what experts to consult to get answers to your questions and our success rate speaks for itself. If you would like further information, click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page or call 855-344-9100.