What is the Average Settlement for an Aviation Accident or Death?

In regard to cases where death or serious injury has resulted from an aviation accident, an average settlement amount cannot be calculated. Each case is individual and can vary greatly in reasons why the accident occurred. It might be from a helicopter crash, a plane or a jet crash, and it may or may not involve pilot error or a defect, but no matter what the determining cause may be, these cases normally settle in or out of court for very large amounts of money because of the serious nature of the accident.

The most important question you should ask is, “Why did this crash occur?” For example, if the pilot was killed in the crash and pilot error was not a factor, we would need to calculate how much he would have earned throughout the rest of his career; then we need to know what his funeral expenses cost. The hardest to calculate of all is the shock, fright and loss that his family is left to deal with. This is why the amount of insurance and the size of the corporation who owned the plane can result in significant damages in this type of case.

Who Investigates Aviation Accidents?

Whether it’s a helicopter crash or a plane crash, all aviation accidents are investigated by the NTSB (The National Transportation Safety Board). Their investigators are caring, experienced and extremely thorough in determining the reasons why an airplane, jet or helicopter crashed. They will actually rebuild a plane, piece by piece if necessary, to determine the cause of a crash, but this thoroughness can sometimes take up to a year or more in obtaining the final results of their investigation. You can obtain preliminary reports and progress reports, but the final determining report is usually needed to proceed with a case.

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