What makes a good personal injury lawyer? There’s and old story that illustrates exactly you need. A little boy walks up to the man carrying a violin case and says, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” And the old man looks at him and says, “Practice, practice, practice.”

The most important quality of better personal injury lawyers is they actually try cases. They go to the courtroom with their client, they put the witnesses on the stand, and they go to the jury to get their client the justice they deserve. Actually practicing cases is the most important quality.

Also, look for a lawyer who has a high level of compassion for their clients, to understand and walk in their shoes, because of the type of injury they’ve suffered, and what that is like.

What is it like to live without a leg? What is it like to live with burn marks all over your upper torso and neck? You need to be able to crawl into the skin of your client and understand how their life has been forever permanently changed.

You are trying to use your skill, your talent, and your experience, and your humanity, to help explain to a jury, explain to the company, how devastating this has been to your client. Across the board, when you see people that are considered to be the best trial lawyers in our country, you will see that it’s not only that they have a lot of experience in the courtroom, it’s not only that they’re intelligent people who are well-studied in the art of trying lawsuits, but it’s also their humanity.

Many great injury trial lawyers either work solo or in a small law firm, because they want to have their own hands on their client’s file – hands-on and direct contact with them to understand them – to be there for them. In larger law firms you “get lost in the shuffle.” So, I’ve always felt that we can give better service to our clients by staying lean, mean, and being there for them when they need us, rather than shuffling them around in a great big firm with lots of different resources.

To find an injury settlement lawyer, first check out their website. Look for testimonials from real clients and not actors. Then look for information to see if they have handled your type of case before. If they have, ask them how they would handle your case specifically. If you’d like to set up an interview, click the contact tab at the top of the page, or call the Segal Law Firm at 855-344-9100.