What Makes for the Best Personal Injury Attorneys and Lawyers?

An experienced lawyer or attorney is of utmost importance if you have a personal injury case. It’s important to you because you are hurt and it’s important to your family and loved ones because they suffer as well. It’s also important to the opposing side that they understand your lawyer has handled your type of cases before and is prepared to defend you in front of jury. If your lawyer is lacking in experience, the other side might decide to drag your case out and fight to the point where you accept pennies on the dollar and this is not fair to you.

Check out Your Lawyer’s Experience by His Rankings

You need a law firm who will fight and go the distance to obtain the money you deserve because your injury is a result of wrongdoing. Segal Law has that ability and I am pleased to say that I am a ranked lawyer by the agency of Martindale-Hubble. I am also the only lawyer from West Virginia to become a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates. You can look on the web to find out how lawyers are ranked, but beware of those rankings that are paid for by lawyers – make sure those rankings are awarded based upon true experience, lawyers who are recognized by their peers and fellow lawyers, and you will find a true assessment of your lawyer’s experience.

You can even ask your lawyer if he has ever been ranked by the Best Lawyers in America or if they are a member of any other highly regarded societies. If you do ask your lawyer these questions, make sure you also ask if they paid for this ranking or if that ranking was awarded based upon independent evaluations.

Ultimately, the best attorney is one that has experience backing them so that you can place trust and confidence in them to handle your case to a successful conclusion.

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