I say it time and time again: you must call us at The Segal Law Firm as soon as you possibly can after you or a loved one has been injured in an accident. Unfortunately, some people wait so long that the statute of limitations for the case runs, and there’s nothing we can do for them. It’s a downright sad situation, and I absolutely hate having to tell someone that his or her case cannot be filed. So why do people wait?


The Worst Time of Their Lives

These accidents are complete tragedies. I’m talking life-altering injuries, many leading to death. The families are grieving and doing their best just to cope with their new reality. Many times, the last thing on their minds is talking to a lawyer on the phone. They don’t think to do it until it’s too late. Remember that I’ve been doing this for thirty years. I’ve talked to families beside hospital beds, and in living rooms. Don’t hesitate to call me right away.


Waiting for Reports

Another reason people tend to let the statute run is because they are waiting for a report. You don’t need any type of report to give us a call at The Segal Law Firm. You don’t need a National Transportation Safety Board report, a mining agency report, or a state or federal agency report to call us. I get calls from people all the time who thought they needed that information and had no idea that the clock was ticking on their time limit to file. Don’t wait. Just call.


Fear of the Unknown

And last but not least, I think some people are, unfortunately, afraid of lawyers. Like any profession, there are a fair number of bad apples in our barrel. I think people are afraid that a lawyer is going to give them bad advice or do wrong by them. They hold off, and hold off, and finally someone will say, “Hey, I know this lawyer Scott Segal who did a great job on my family member’s case. Why don’t be go ahead and call him?”


Well, by that time, three years has passed and there’s absolutely nothing I can do for them. I’m telling you, it’s gut wrenching to tell someone that I can’t help them. Don’t let fear of the unknown, waiting for reports, or your darkest hour stop you from getting you or your loved one protection for the future. The call is free and so is my advice, so call me right away at 855-344-9100.