In West Virginia, as in most states, the best lawyer for nursing home abuse cases is one who is experienced in these situations. Segal Law Firm consults with a large number of former nursing home administrators, nurses and various other people who are familiar with nursing home protocol. These people offer opinions on whether or not appropriate federal and state regulations are followed.

In our experience, we have found that nursing homes are often understaffed. Many times they don’t have the right equipment or that equipment is used incorrectly. Sometimes the people they hire simply have no business being employed in a nursing home and this can entail former convicts or under-trained staff. Because of these circumstances and more, you need an experienced law firm who knows how to look into nursing home records to discover why your loved one died or suffered serious injury.

The Segal Law Firm handles nursing home cases on a contingency fee basis which means that if your case isn’t settled, or a jury verdict isn’t reached, you owe us nothing in attorney fees. Your lawyer should have a thorough understanding of both federal and state regulations to make a determination of what went wrong. Fault could stem from lack of training in staff, improper equipment installation or perhaps something is wrong with staffing of a particular shift or shifts. These questions need to be asked and answered on behalf of your loved one and an experienced lawyer is needed to get the right answers.

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