The very first thing you should do if a loved one has been killed or hurt in an airplane or helicopter crash is call The Segal Law Firm. It’s an incredibly difficult and emotional time. We understand that. But there is critical information to collect and time cannot be wasted. It’s never too early to call, but it can be too late.

Immediately following an aviation crash, the federal government dispatches an emergency investigation team. These investigations by the National Transportation Safety Board can take up to a year or two years. But what most people don’t realize is that preliminary reports are released along the way that can provide us with useful information for your case.

The truth is we don’t need to have all the answers to begin your case. We know that’s what the family is looking for: the answer. Why did this plane crash and severely injure or kill your husband, wife or child? We want to find those answers for you. In fact, we can conduct our own investigation using our jet engine, traffic control, and pilot experts. But if we don’t start right away, crucial evidence could disappear.

We’re working on a case right now where our client’s husband was killed in a plane crash. The family waited until the final NTSB report was sent to them to call me. There was one week left on their statute of limitations. Had they waited one more week to call a lawyer, they would have never been able to get a penny of protection.


Don’t wait for that report. Call me. Ask me why you shouldn’t wait. Ask me what you can do to protect yourself if your loved one’s been killed in plane crash or a helicopter crash. The call, questions and advice are always free at 855-344-9100.