Mesothelioma is a very debilitating disease and the person suffering might not always be able to call an attorney himself or herself. I answer questions about mesothelioma for people who have all different types of relation to victims of mesothelioma. I’ve talked to wives, husbands, children and even close friends. It really doesn’t matter as long as the information gets back to the person suffering from mesothelioma.


Now ultimately, the person with the mesothelioma or the person who’s the head of the estate are the only ones that can actually hire a law firm and bring a case. But anyone can give me a call and ask me about my experience with mesothelioma cases. I’m happy to answer those questions for family members and friends so that they can get that information to the victim of mesothelioma.


Many times a victim of mesothelioma has just undergone a lung biopsy. They’re in the hospital and the family gets this horrific diagnosis. The husband or father is lying there under sedation, very weak and sick, and is unable to call me himself. I have to be willing to meet with the wives and the widows and the children, because they’re typically the ones that are struggling to figure out what to do to protect their loved one.


We’re very respectful here at The Segal Law Firm of the fact that the family is now going to have to make end-of-life care decisions. They’re going to be dealing with hospice and physicians and we don’t want to intrude on that. Except for a couple interviews and a deposition, we really don’t need much other involvement from the family as we move forward.


Like I always say, the call is free and so are the answers to all your questions. If you know someone that’s suffering from mesothelioma and you’d like to get them some help, feel free to give me a call and pick my brain. I’m waiting for your call at 855-344-9100.