We deal with accident cases every single day at The Segal Law Firm of all different types and in all different industries. The thing that they all have in common is who you should and should not be speaking to.


Who you should be speaking to is pretty simple: me. You need to call me right away to get all of your questions answered about your case, even if you’re not sure you have one. I can come to your hospital, rehab center, your home or we can have that conversation over the phone. We also always welcome you to our offices where we can sit down and discuss your accident over a cup of coffee.


You want to talk to a lawyer immediately so that evidence that may be critical to your case doesn’t disappear. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to protect your family’s rights.


You should also be talking to your doctors, therapists and other medical providers. In some instances, you should also talk to state and federal investigators. If you’re in a car wreck and you are still conscious afterward, you’ll have a duty to cooperate with state and city police. For all of these instances, it’s nice to have a lawyer by your side, but not necessarily critical.


Who you don’t want to be talking to is anyone who is on the side of the person or company who hurt you. If it’s your employer that hurt you, don’t talk to them. The biggest culprits are going to be the other side’s insurance company. They’ll try to call you and ask for a recorded statement. And you, being a decent human being, will want to cooperate. Don’t.


These people will try to get anything from your social security number to what doctors you’re seeing for your injuries. Do not, I repeat, do not provide this information. You need your lawyer before ever engaging in these conversations.


So it’s pretty simple. Talk to us at The Segal Law Firm, your medical providers, and any state or federal agencies that are involved with the investigation. Other than that, especially if it’s with someone involved with how you were injured, don’t speak. Call me today toll free and I’ll answer any questions you may have about your accident case. 855-344-9100.