Why do Law Firms in West Virginia Work off of Contingency Fees?

West Virginia law firms represent people and their families on a regular basis, regardless of the nature of injury received. Injuries can range from an aviation case involving a plane or helicopter crash, a coal miner’s injury, a Marcellus Shale driller’s case, a tractor trailer wreck or a coal truck wreck. All of these types of cases are handled by the Segal Law Firm and other lawyers here in the state on a contingency fee basis. We recognize the desperation an injury can create when medical and rehabilitation bills begin piling up. When people are injured, no longer able to work and they have no source of income to help pay these bills, this can be devastating to families.

How Contingency Fees Help in a Time of Crisis

A contingency fee allows families to retain the best possible lawyers to represent them. These lawyers are experienced and trial-hardened, and they’re not afraid of taking your case to a jury trial. Until you make the decision to settle your case, or you receive a jury verdict, you pay no fees to these lawyers. The typical contingency fee is between a third and 40%, and this depends on the complexity of your case. This fee guarantees you won’t end up owing lawyer fees on top of medical bills owed, on top of lost wages, and on top of all the misery you have suffered as a result of your injury. A settlement or jury verdict can help with paying those medical bills and can reimburse you for lost wages, as well as compensate you for your pain, emotional distress and suffering, all brought about because of a wrongdoing by another person, corporation or insurance company.

Contingency fees are in place to help those who need it most; those who could never pay the multi-million dollar lawyer fees that large corporations and insurance companies can afford to pay. It levels the playing field for the little guy and helps those who are injured obtain a lawyer who has the drive and determination to fight for your case regardless of the size of the company involved in your lawsuit.