Experience Matters in a Catastrophic Injury Case

Every lawsuit has two parts to it. Liability– what happened and who is at fault? And damages– how badly are you hurt and how will that affect the rest of your life?


If your attorney doesn’t have enough experience with catastrophic injury cases, they won’t get you the amount of damages you need to live the quality of life you deserve.



If you’re dealing with aviation, coal mining, certain train wrecks, or tractor-trailer wrecks, you’re probably going to work with an arm of the federal government. Along with that comes a whole load of complex regulations. You better have lawyer who understands those regulations inside and out.


Who messed up? Was the coalmine being managed improperly? Was the equipment maintained poorly? Was the tractor-trailer that hit you loaded incorrectly? An attorney with experience knows what regulations to use to prove to liability. And your lawyer will have to work with experts from all different types of industries to prove that liability to a jury.



When it comes to damages, you might be thinking how complicated could that be? You’ve got some medical bills and some loss wages to recover. That’s it.


Well, sure, but what about the future? How will you be taken care of for the rest of your life? If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, we’ll need to consult a life care planner to figure out how much money you’ll need for the entirety of your future. How many wheelchairs will you need? Those things don’t last forever and they aren’t cheap. They’ll need to be replaced every few years. What will you need, medically and other wise, to function normally and how much money will it take?


We’re also going to work with a forensic economist, which is a fancy way of saying someone who will look at your past earning and determine what you would’ve have made in the future, if you hadn’t been crippled or maimed. How many dollars will to it take to give you the wages you should have earned? An economist can show that in a way that’s admissible in court and explain it to a jury.


Your lawyer needs experience to prove liability and damages. And that can get really complicated. You’ve got to ask your lawyer some tough questions to make sure you’re putting your future in the right hands. Call me at the Segal Law Firm, toll free, and I’ll give you my best advice and answer all of your questions completely free of charge. It’s 855-344-9100.