Aviation accidents are some of the most complicated cases we see at The Segal Law Firm, so it’s no surprise that your attorney’s experience is absolutely crucial. Whether it’s a commercial airliner, a private jet, or a helicopter, all aircraft is regulated by specific federal regulations. But these rules vary for each type of aircraft. Your lawyer must not only understand these regulations, but must be familiar enough with each type of case so that he or she can relay that information to you, your family, and possibly a jury.


What’s so complicated?

A commercial jet case is going to be different than a helicopter case, but they are both going to be investigated by the NTSB or the National Transportation Safety Board. All aviation accidents in this country are investigated first by the NTSB, who invites people from different backgrounds into the investigation. You have to a lawyer, like the lawyers here at The Segal Law Firm, who knows how to track that investigation and get your family information you are entitled to in a timely basis.


Experience with your rights

Families have rights. And you need a lawyer who knows what your rights are when it comes to the information revealed by the investigation. Here at The Segal Law Firm, we will tell you that the final report is probably a year away, but that shouldn’t upset you. That’s just how thorough they are. If you know how to ask for it, you can get your hands on preliminary information, which is where we come in.


Experience with the causes

And so with our experience, we are able to help your family through the process of understanding why the crash occurred, and then explain to you what your legal rights are as a result of that reason. Almost all aircraft crashes, whether they’re helicopters, private planes, or commercial airliners, are due to one of three things: the machine failed, the pilot failed, or bad weather.


The airplane malfunctioning can be as simple as someone putting the wrong fuel in the plane, which happens more than you’d want to believe. It can as complicated as a structural failure of a helicopter tailbone. We’ve seen pilot errors where the pilot was either not rested, ill-trained, or was not current in his or her training. And so you have to know those regulations as well. And last but not least, the weather. Unfortunately, many airplane crashes that you read or watch on TV are as a result of the weather. You need a lawyer that’s experienced in all of those areas to help you and your family through a very difficult and trying time.


Experience in the field

I have done several different aviation cases and during that time I have learned to fly a helicopter, a king air and a jet. I learn how to do it do that I understand the terms. I understand what the experts and the NTSB investigators are talking about so that I can help the family and a jury understand these complicated cases. It’s confusing when you get into the technical lingo and your lawyer must be able to easily break that down.


It’s pretty simple: you need an experienced attorney for your aviation crash case. We have that experience here at The Segal Law Firm and are waiting to answer your questions. The call and advice is always free. Call us toll free at 855-344-9100.