Will a Workplace Injury Claim Affect Your Job Status in Your Company?

If you are concerned about filing a workplace injury claim while still employed with the same company, the law says that your company cannot discriminate against you for taking your rights to court. Unfortunately, because we live in the real world and we know that discrimination exists even when the law states it should not, the vast majority of people who are injured need to seek protection for both themselves and their family through a lawsuit. The lawsuit has to be a good lawsuit, and our law firm never encourages suits that are groundless or silly, but when heavy industrial accidents, explosions and electrocutions result in injuries with lifelong consequences, these are rarely, if ever, frivolous cases.

However, here at the Segal Law Firm, most people we represent are so seriously injured that they are typically not able to return to work with the same company. When you lose a limb, suffer a burn or are severely blinded, your ability to work in the industrial workplace greatly diminishes and re-employment is most likely going to be in a different industry with a totally different job.

A second factor in suffering a serious injury is that your employer will more than likely consider you a future risk to yourself and your co-workers. Many times an employer would rather pay a premium in settlement of a case to prevent your return to work with their company and our firm has experience with many types of claims and corporations who would rather go this route. For example, if someone suffers an injury that results in blindness in one eye, depth perception and peripheral vision are severely affected on one side and a return to work could jeopardize not only the injured person, but also their co-workers. It is an absolute necessity in any industrial job such as coal mines or power plants that workers and co-workers all work together to watch each other’s backs.

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