Railroad Injuries

Train on railroad tracks

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West Virginia Railroad Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a train accident, it is vital that you obtain proper representation from a committed personal injury attorney in West Virginia.  Without an experienced railroad accident attorney who is familiar with the laws governing railroads, you risk not having a proper investigation being done. Thorough investigations help obtain the compensation you deserve.

Following a train accident, you will find that you or your loved one may be quickly approached by a representative from the railroad’s claims department to attempt a swift settlement.  You may be offered a small settlement right away only to later discover you have sustained a long term disability or thousands of dollars in follow-up care that you did not expect.  Early, small settlements may not in your best interests.  Obtaining legal counsel who will gather all the relevant evidence to prove liability is vital.  Your injuries and the extent of the railroad’s negligence can tremendously impact the settlement figure you can expect to receive or the amount of a jury verdict.

Investigating a Railroad Accident

Once a train accident occurs certain actions are required by the railroad.  A train, similar to an airplane, has a black box that records information regarding speed and other factors.  This information needs to be produced and evaluated by one of our experienced train accident lawyers.  Track inspection reports exist, as do communications between the train crew and dispatch centers.  Railroad personnel are not always willing to provide what is needed to properly evaluate your claim.  That is where having The Segal Law Firm at your side means that a thorough investigation will be conducted. Experienced lawyers know what to be aware of, what to look for and what types of obstacles the railroad may produce.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a train accident or railroad injury The Segal Law Firm can provide you with a no-cost consultation with an attorney who will listen to your concerns. We understand you have many questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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