Coal Mine Accidents

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Coal Mine Accident Attorney in West Virginia

Injured in a Coal Mine Accident?

All West Virginians know that coal mining is a very dangerous occupation. At The Segal Law Firm we are proud of our state’s rich mining heritage and our service in representing miners and their families. Due to the dangers and risks, coal mining companies are required to carefully follow detailed regulations aimed at protecting the health and safety of both underground and surface coal miners. If you have been injured in a coal mine accident, you should retain the services of a qualified Charleston personal injury attorney. As this area requires specific legal expertise, retaining The Segal Law firm to represent you is the best decision you can make. Our attorneys have been devoted to representing West Virginia’s coal miners for over three decades.

Our committed attorneys and staff have extensive experience in understanding Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations and other safety requirements imposed on coal mining companies. We are able to work with investigators and industry experts as necessary to collect evidence from worksite locations. We will request and carefully review company records to determine what factors caused the accident. Numerous areas need to be scrutinized to determine negligence.  Once investigated, we can proceed to develop your coal mine injury claim.

West Virginia Coal Mine Injury Lawyer

Coal mine injuries happen for a number of reasons. Proper determination of all possible factors leading to an injury must be pinpointed in order to provide you with the best possible claim for damages. Just a few areas where injuries occur and where we review for potential negligence and wrongdoing include:

  • Longwall shield collapse
  • Roof collapse
  • Electrical accidents
  • Improper training of personnel
  • Methane gas explosion
  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment
  • Burns caused by equipment
  • Belt line accidents
  • Powered haulage accidents
  • Inby roofbolt failure
  • Outby construction accidents
  • Fall of face, rib or highwall
  • Surface mining injuries
  • Defective tools or equipment
  • Dust explosions
  • Coal truck accidents
  • Injuries caused by mining equipment
  • Failure to maintain proper mine safety

Our highly trained and experienced attorneys have been aggressively representing West Virginia coal miners for over three decades. We have the necessary tools to seek compensation for your injuries and will strive to obtain the optimum settlement or verdict on your behalf.

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Regardless of the circumstances of your case, it is always important to involve a personal injury lawyer at your earliest convenience. In many cases, you will only have a limited window of time to file your claim, and it may require extensive paperwork and doctor visits to get all of the information you need. However, when you involve an accident attorney soon, you have the added incentive of having an advocate of your rights who can help expedite your case. For more information on personal injury claims and how you can maximize your opportunity for settlement or verdict with help from a personal injury attorney, call our office today!

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