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Your Rights under Maritime Law and the Jones Act

Similar to workers’ compensation statutes, the Jones Act protects crew members working on riverboats, tugboats, towboats, barges and other vessels for work-related injuries sustained on inland rivers and waterways.  As an employee of the owner of the vessel, any injuries sustained while working on the boat are governed by the Jones Act and maritime law.  Unlike workers’ compensation, however, a seaman or other maritime worker must prove negligence on the part of the vessel owner or someone affiliated with the owner, such as the boat’s officers or other crew members. Negligence must be proven in order to be able to recover any compensation.  The negligence must be as a result of some act by these individuals or by some defect in the vessel or its equipment.  The employer must have done something considered negligent or failed to perform some type of maintenance that could have led to the injury.  Also, the Jones Act allows an injured maritime worker to obtain compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress, in addition to medical bills and lost income.

We handle cases for crew members injured while serving on riverboats, tugboats, towboats, barges and other vessels, where the injuries are caused by, among other things:

  • Fall and crush-related injuries
  • Boat collisions
  • Defective and improperly maintained equipment
  • Fires and explosions
  • Broken lines and rigging
  • Slippage of lines off cavils and capstans

There are complex details that need to be investigated in maritime injury cases which require the expertise of a professional West Virginia injury attorney.  If you have sustained an injury on a vessel, contact The Segal Law Firm to obtain high quality counsel to pursue a claim for damages.

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If you are a crew member on a riverboat, tugboat, towboat or other vessel and you sustained an injury while working, you are entitled to file a claim for your injuries against your employer for any negligence that caused those injuries.  Ships and vessels are dangerous environments that have many hazards onboard that can cause an accident.  If you are unable to work as a result of your injury you are entitled to “maintenance,” a daily allowance of pay which is covered under the Jones Act.  Your medical bills will also be covered, known as “cure” under this Act.  Any failure to maintain equipment or the vessel itself, in a proper manner can be cause for negligence on the part of your employer.  This can open the door to filing a lawsuit against your employer for seeking compensation for any economic loss you sustained as well as pain and suffering.

With the experienced lawyers at The Segal Law Firm, we are confident that we can aggressively handle your claim and work toward a successful outcome.  Let us answer your questions regarding the Jones Act by calling us for a free initial consultation.

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